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If You Tell A Story, Make it a Good One
No. 6 in a series about Stories and Storytelling      In so many situations, not least among which is a change-inducing project, telling a story is the optimal way to......
Published on: September 20, 2023
Published By: Timothy Grayson
Winners and Losers: Changing Perceptions of Change Risk
Introduction      Organizational change, with grand promises of innovation, growth, and increased efficiency, often fails to deliver the desired outcomes. That’s just fact. Amidst the chaos and uncertainty, though, certain......
Published on: August 2, 2023
Published By: Timothy Grayson
Overcome Resistance to Change with the 3-Ps of Overcoming Resistance to Change
Resistance to change is the single-biggest challenge, problem, issue, risk… for the typical change manager. Even for experienced pros, it’s right up there. Except, pros understand resistance isn’t something to......
Published on: March 8, 2023
Published By: Timothy Grayson
One genogram to exceptional sponsor management
Lately, people I have been working and corresponding with about change management have been asking about genogram. My understanding of genograms comes from when my father tried to diagram our......
Published on: February 28, 2023
Published By: Timothy Grayson
Change management, mainly by certification, has spawned departments, roles, and jobs. Its rationale is rock solid: according to Prosci, failure to effectively deal with “the people side of change” is......
Published on: January 19, 2023
Published By: Timothy Grayson
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