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Schedule post mortem

A post mortem on a project is a meeting. There’s not much complication to the communication. Once you’ve selected the attendees, it’s a matter of providing the details and setting the tone for the meeting. This communication supports the Move Ready and hold post mortem.


<<Project>> is now over. Ongoing activities and reporting have been transferred to the permanent operational owners. There is only one, final important thing to do before putting this one in the rearview mirror. We need to assess what went right, what went wrong, and where we could do better next time.

The following assumes this is only about change management, separate from the project's own post mortem.

Those who were instrumental to the creation and delivery of all aspects of change management for <<project>>, supported by others with a perspective on the experience, will gather <<time, place>> to discuss.

The mission is to expose shortfalls in preparation, skill, method, timing, even expectations and resources without prejudice or malice, but with a desire not to repeat them next time. Critical to this work is to propose, consider, and make substantial recommendations wherever the evidence and argument leads.

We're counting on you this one last time.


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