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Book/schedule coaching review session

Before the transition is over, gather the coaches to identify what’s going on, what works and what doesn’t (for coaches and for the impacted stakeholders themselves), and what—if anything—needs to change. This communication supports the Move Conduct coaching review/update sessions with coaches.

Because it is an imposition on the coaches, you need to turn it into a benefit and get the date booked.


Hey Coach! We hope you've been having success and a positive experiences (all around) with those coaching interactions you've had so far.

No, the transition period is not over. But we want your feedback now. It's likely there are many more teammates who can benefit from your support. What we would like to do is make it even better.

We want to learn and share what's working best among all our coaches. (And update the materials to reflect this.) Please join us for one, relatively short, mid-program debrief to share experiences and best practices such as:

  • Recognizing opportunities to help.
  • Determining the real need behind the request for support.
  • Describing and/or rationalizing the change more effectively.

<<Insert timing and scheduling/confirmation procedure/approach>>

Thanks. Your help is appreciated more than you might guess.


Change manager