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Align to project and situation

Objective / Output

The necessary understanding of the project and its impact, the context of the change (people and history), and the project's goals will be assembled as a foundation for all subsequent change management work.

Moves and Communications comprising the "Align to project and situation" play


Whether you take the position that change management is as big as project management or that it is project support, either encompassing or synonymous with training and/or communication, being aligned with the underlying project is paramount. The work to align change management efforts to the project’s goals and impacts is the essence of this Play.

This activity is to understand and contextualize project changes to support defining of behaviour/attitude shifts needed to achieve the project goal. The objective is crystal clear expected, specific changes (i.e., behaviour shifts, attitude adjustments) down to an actionable level.

This activity is to determine and document the measurements by which both the project's implementation and the change implementation will be gauged. Metrics include both the resulting improvements and performance of change implementation.

This activity is to adjust understandings both about the solution and the roles impacted assuming they may have evolved from the original or any earlier assessment. The goal is to stay on target about specific changes to be made and the specific roles to make those changes.

Thrust (s)


"Prepare" step of the Change Management stages and steps methodology graphic

Expected Duration

2-3 weeks work effort with 2-3 day repeating update efforts as necessary.