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Prepare for resistance and risks

Objective / Output

The project will have a register of anticipated forms of individual and group resistance along with proposed responses should they be needed.

Moves and Communications comprising the "Prepare for resistance and risks" play


Whether more generalized or specific to individuals, resistance is inevitable—and hopefully—”futile.” It is therefore the primary, though not only change management risk to be identified, require preparation to address, and be managed. The work to thoroughly expose these risks, prepare for them, and (repeatedly) remain up-to-date and ready is the essence of this Play.

This activity is to help understand critical success factors for behaviour adjustment of identified individuals/teams. These insights illuminate the strengths and weaknesses, traps and pitfalls of "how" the change is imposed and managed.

This activity—echoed just prior to launch—makes a general assessment of whether the project, the organization, the people, and the change management team are prepared and ready to get into the coming change.

This activity is a review and re-assessment in light of any project or organizational changes and evolutions. Because the project itself should be monitoring risks, this assessment should focus on the change management (adoption) targets and expectations.

This activity is to confirm that the project, the organization, the people, and the change management team are all ready for the fast-approaching change. This reassessment is done both as a point-in-time status as well as a comparison to the baseline to indicate and track progress.

This activity is to revisit the resistance and risks that were developed in Moves during the Prepare step.

This activity identifies possible reasons and modes of resistance. The output is a robust list of possible resistance and corresponding prepared responses.

This activity is another review session to update understanding of potential resistance and appropriate measures to address it based on information and insights gathered since initial resistance planning.

Thrust (s)


"Prepare" step of the Change Management stages and steps methodology graphic

Expected Duration

3-5 days initial work effort with periodic ½-day update efforts, as necessary. (Processing and analysis of Change Readiness Assessments will add time to the expected duration.)