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Set goals and performance expectations

Objective / Output

The change management team will have performance goals for its objective of maximizing change adoption and may have targets for the underlying change performance.

Moves and Communications comprising the "Set goals and performance expectations" play


The organization and underlying project may be performance-based. If so, there will (soon) be project goals and measures........

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This activity is to identify and account for every specific individual (usually in the form of "roles") that will have to make a change to what (s)he does. Because every role is likely to be affected differently, the objective is to expose specific changes required of specific roles and map them to the overall goals and measures applied to the project.

This activity is to determine and document the measurements by which both the project's implementation and the change implementation will be gauged. Metrics include both the resulting improvements and performance of change implementation.

Like all other review Moves, this action is to revisit and affirm previous performance measures by which the change will be gauged, both for the underlying deployment's effect and the change management itself. The review can evaluate progress on practical work as well, if there has been any.

Thrust (s)


"Prepare" step of the Change Management stages and steps methodology graphic

Expected Duration

3-5 days work effort with repeating 1-day update efforts as necessary.