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Tell report recipients what they will receive, when, why, and what to do about it

This is the second communication specifically preparing recipients for the impact of performance monitoring in the area affected by the change. There are, of course, two discrete performance measurements to be reported: (1) operational impact from the change itself and (2) change adoption metrics revealing the efficacy of the change. Use this communication in conjunction with Move First performance report to targets.

To focus readers and differentiate from the prior message, this communiqué reminds and educates recipients about (1) what they will receive and what it tells them, (2) how it can be accessed and used by them, and so forth. The primary targets are stakeholders receiving and using performance metrics on the solution itself: executives, line management, impacted employees.

Performance reporting on change management efforts will probably have a smaller audience except where adoption is a KPI on annual performance compensation scorecards. Either way, line management and executive for impacted stakeholders should be eventually provided with the change management reports to monitor their teams acceptance of the required change(s).


Very soon the first performance report for <<project>> will be issued and you will receive it. As a <<insert role: leader of an impacted team; sponsor; leader whose operational performance is to be improved as a result of the change...>>, you will be provided with the data you need to make decisions and take action.

Sample report(s) are being provided to familiarize you with their presentation and information content. Specifically note:

<<Insert details about what individual data is provided and what it represents... to them; what It ought to trigger as a response>>

<<You can include a statement about who else (e.g., reporting, executive boards, etc.) will be seeing and using the reports.>>

We will provide a report every <<period>> at least until the project is closed. How the information will provided after that is yet to be determined.

Please do not hesitate to reach out for any further clarification.


Project manager

Change manager


Authorities responsible for impacted employees

Authorities responsible for operational performance affected by change(s)

Impacted employees