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Find impacted individuals

Objective / Output

For effective change management support, the project will have a register of identified individuals whose behaviour will have to change, ideally aggregated into groups of common change.

Moves and Communications comprising the "Find impacted individuals" play


Change management for a project is not conducted at a 30,000-ft level—even though it may be developed and appear that way.

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This activity is to identify and account for every specific individual (usually in the form of "roles") that will have to make a change to what (s)he does. Because every role is likely to be affected differently, the objective is to expose specific changes required of specific roles and map them to the overall goals and measures applied to the project.

This activity is to identify specific individuals among previously identified groups and acquire their contact information.

This activity is to confirm and ensure that direct contact information for all identified individuals is available. Also that the communication paths to the targeted individuals have been identified and will be usable when needed. This activity is relevant for impacted individuals and for coaches/coach recruiting.

Outreach to find individuals among impacted stakeholders and roles.

Confirm contact information for full roster of identified and acquired impacted individuals.

Thrust (s)


"Prepare" step of the Change Management stages and steps methodology graphic

Expected Duration

Probably 2-3 weeks of work effort that may be much shorter or longer depending on the magnitude and nature of the project.