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Hand over note to operational authorities

Although the setup for and transition of responsibility to ongoing operational owners will have happened directly and gradually, a formal notice of transition is appropriate for clarity. This communication presumes knowledge transfer has been performed and that the project/operational authorities have even jointly worked on at least one iteration together.

This note is specifically drafted for migration of performance metrics. A change to details and descriptions is all that’s needed to use the same idea for other transfers from project to operations. Use this communication with the Move Hand over control of outcome metrics reporting.


This note is a reminder that as of <<date>> responsibility (and accountability) for <<performance metrics, etc.>>  will be turned over <<project>> from to you. The one-edition shared delivery transition is complete. As we have previously discussed, the required activities and outputs are now transferred fully to you.

Documentation for the necessary tools, techniques, protocols, etc. are available at this URL (<<link>>) for your reference. The schedule for expected report releases is:

<<edition schedule>>

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. We're glad to assist.


Project manager

Change manager


Operational authorities inheriting changes, change management metrics, performance measurement, etc.