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Work Hours
Monday to Friday: 7AM - 7PM
Weekend: 10AM - 5PM

Ready coaches

Objective / Output

Coaches have been prepared and are ready to engage with impacted colleagues.

Moves and Communications comprising the "Ready coaches" play


Coaches that do not know what to do, let alone how to do it are a risk to success. How much coaches need to be prepared depends on how deep and complicated the behaviour changes are, and how receptive impacted people are to change generally and to self-guidance specifically. The work to have coaches ready to provide proactive or (more likely) responsive support to colleagues and reports is the essence of this Play.

This activity is to satisfy basic coach capability training needs so they can fulfill the role successfully within this limited situation.

This activity is a bridge between confirming coaches and formally training them as planned. It provides identified coaches and line managers with (a) more detail about the expectations of them and (b) specifics of how they will be prepared and what they will be trained to do.

This activity is to schedule proactive coaching sessions if they have been planned.

This activity is to specifically identify and recruit relevant coaches for impacted individuals.

This activity is to provide coaches with a(nother) welcome and thanks, to remind them of the importance of the role and why they were selected, and to provide a detailed briefing on their assignment.

Coach identification and recruitment.

Advisory to coaching group regarding coach the coach sessions.

Provided identified coaches with detail about the expectations of them and of how they will be prepared and what they will be trained to do.

Advise impacted people about proactive coaching sessions (if employed).

Thrust (s)


"Train" step of the Change Management stages and steps methodology graphic

Expected Duration

Not less than 5-weeks work effort depending on coach-recruit receptivity.