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Remind coaches to seek opportunities to assist colleagues

This could be one or more communications, through multiple media, to encourage coaches: show them ways to see or elicit opportunities to encourage and support impacted employees (“teachable moments”) in the course of their days overseeing (supervisor) or working with (peer) them. The coaches will, optimally, intercede to (re)set employees’ behaviour during their first encounters with the new behaviour. Use this to prompt Move Conduct coaching.


Let me begin by repeating how grateful <<project>> and I, personally, are that you will be performing a key role in ensuring adoption of the change: coaching. As we've said, coaching is highly influential and critically timed to support behaviour change.

Now that the change is active and our colleagues are expected to behave accordingly, I want to encourage and help you with your task. Right now that means being on the lookout for and recognizing opportunities to coach.

Here are some signs that you may be needed.

  • An employee is seeking or reviewing, and appears to be struggling with information about performing new behaviours.
  • Employees are groaning about the new behaviour expectations—often at project or team meetings.
  • Employee(s) are referencing outdated behaviour tools (templates, guides, etc.).
  • Employee(s) are producing incorrect output.
  • Employee(s) are obviously not behaving as expected or instructed (wrong processes/protocols; old tools; interacting with wrong colleagues; etc.).

Good luck. Remember, you are not alone. Please contact me or <<specify>> if you would like assistance.


Change manager