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Testimonial provider recruitment note

A testimonial needs an independent voice. The person to do the testimonial will (or should) likely be recruited verbally. At some point, however, a more formal, written statement of what is being done and what is expected is required. This recruitment letter can be adjusted and used for that if it’s not already been provided during solicitation. This is used with Move Identify employees for testimonials.


Some of the people impacted by <<project>> change remain a little hesitant. This is fairly typical. Some people embrace change and innovation quickly; others take a little longer. You are a leader at the front of that curve and your colleagues could use your help.

Often just knowing someone like them has completed the change, benefitted as promised, and—maybe most importantly—not suffered at all, is enough for the reluctant to jump on board.

Telling your story to your colleagues would help them and help the project. <<Insert detail about the nature of the testimonial, if so desired.>> The team will help you develop and prepare your message and will take care of production.

It will take a few weeks to bring it all together. So, we'd like to get started ASAP. Specifically, <<details about activity to create testimonial>>.

Thanks. We're eager to work with you.


Project manager

Change manager


Identified "testifier"