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Work Hours
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Weekend: 10AM - 5PM

Enable performance measuring

Objective / Output

The project and change management teams will have directions to the necessary data for performance reporting, at worst by description and at best for systematic (automated) access.

Moves and Communications comprising the "Enable performance measuring" play


Before change performance and change management efforts can be measured and tracked, the means to acquire needed data, compute it, report it, hold it, and so forth must be developed and enabled. The work to ready performance measurement for implementation is the essence of this Play.

This activity is to finalize data sources, data manipulation, and report generation/distribution. This includes identifying the types/groups to get reports, how reports will be provided/presented, how they will be held/maintained, and what expectations to give recipients for addressing information in the reports.

This activity is to initiate the work to deliver on the underlying project and change management performance metrics. This means getting data, manipulating the data into information, and reporting that information to those who can use it.

Thrust (s)


"Prepare" step of the Change Management stages and steps methodology graphic

Expected Duration

Actual effort should be only 1-2 days, although the overall duration to complete may be more than a week depending on data accessibility, magnitude of the project, and so forth.