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Promote the testimonial

A testimonial is a marketing tool, period. So, the promotional message’s purpose is to drive personnel to “view” the testimonial in some way. Short of distributing it directly (“pushing” it to receivers), a message is pushed to the audience with a call/incentive to “pull” the testimonial (asking them to come get the prize). This is related to the Move Develop and post testimonials.

Even though these are corporate communications to transmit information among employees—not ads (ick!), marketing techniques are appropriate.

The message is bait, and because it can be pushed out via many media, it must be:

  1. Short
  2. Direct and demanding/commanding
  3. Intimate the hero (testimonial) will help address or satisfy a personal need for the receiver.

Point 3 compels that the content be highly specific to this situation. The examples provided are only for flavour.


"It was about time! Why I got on board <<project>>  as soon as I could." <<Name>>: A firsthand description of real people making change.

"The performance reports make focusing on the right problems laser precise." <<Name>> talks about embracing and living with performance measurement protocols.


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