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Sponsor's support request (admonition)

Sometimes a sponsor needs to get directly involved and make his/her displeasure known to those who are not participating as they should. (read: …resisting too strongly…) The more senior the sponsor and the more senior the target(s), the more likely the message will be verbal. Sometimes not. In any case, the facts and position need to be assembled, whether it’s for email or as talking points. Don’t be troubled if your work on this ends up disappearing—as long as the message gets out.

If the message is directed to impacted personnel (as opposed to senior executive colleagues, say), its tone will likely be more general and encouraging/positive.


No sample is provided because it is far too dependent on the situation and circumstance, the nature of the sponsor (his/her approach), and the organizational culture. Possible framing messages about the project could include:

  • collaboration of all involved and affected
  • support and/or direction of the most senior authorities (the higher the better)
  • inclusion on performance scorecards (if true and relevant)
  • invested time and money to make it a success means those interfering will have to be identified and addressed
  • benefits that will accrue to the organization and to holdouts (if the benefits can be identified)
  • negative impacts on benefits to colleagues due to holding out


Project sponsor


Senior executive (sponsor) colleagues

Impacted stakeholders