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Promote the success story

There is no point to creating a success story if it is not or is only anemically promoted. Similar to the testimonial, if you choose to use the success story tactic, it has to be marketed. Ideally corporate communications will have approaches to doing so. You ought to be prepared to give them content and tone guidance. Again, like for the testimonial, think of this as an ad or a press release for an exciting new product not an announcement of a bad quarterly audit report. The communication is used with the Move Create and post success story and with Hand over control of project change performance metricsif necessary.”


Over the past <<time>>, <<project>> <<insert details of improvements or changes>>. <<Organization>> pursued these changes to <<list one or more benefits>>. But none of it matters unless we, the people that make up the organization, take up the changes. We have and it is a success—so far. The <<infographic, video, etc.>> at this link <link> reveals its success and value.

<<Project>> is now over. It was not without its challenges, but <<organization>> is starting to realize the promised benefits. <<Elaborate if data is available and supports it>>

More importantly, as this perspective from a colleague that was impacted shows, we faced the work changes and have soared to new heights. <<Insert testimonial link>> <<Insert a more specific description of employee and/or testimonial subject matter if so desired>>

All in all, <<project>> is a great example of the advances and progress <<organization>> can make. Our success is all of our success. And we succeeded. Congratulations to everyone.


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