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Plan and prepare communications

Objective / Output

A comprehensive, traditional "comms plan," integrated with the communication supporting other change management tactics will direct execution of these interactions with applicable audiences.

Moves and Communications comprising the "Plan and prepare communications" play


Communication underlies all change management and is a critical tactic in its own right. Many audiences need to receive messages from the project to know or to do things. Each impacted person will also be communicated to as part of another change management tactical activity (e.g., training scheduling). And a strategy for general communications is essential. This many moving pieces need cohesive messaging and coordinated release. The work to achieve that is the essence of this Play.

As the final review prior to development, this activity is to confirm or adjust messaging both for stand-alone communication and support for other change management elements so they remain in harmony with the project change, the behaviour changes required, and overall project goals as they may have evolved.

This activity is to ensure understandable and effective communication of all elements of the change process. The work of this step is to sketch out the broad strokes of what we need or want to get through to those who will be making (behaviour) changes.

This activity is to develop the plan and schedule for communications both (1) in its own right and (2) in support of the other elements of the change management plan (e.g., training, coaching, sponsorship).

Thrust (s)


"Prepare" step of the Change Management stages and steps methodology graphic

Expected Duration

Message development and plan creation is likely to last 3-4 weeks, but can vary significantly depending on factors such as behaviour goals and understanding adjustment, magnitude and the pace of training/coaching plan development, etc.