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Remind employees and supervisors about ongoing coaching, plus supplemental training options and job aids

All impacted employees will have been trained by now. If the change does not warrant formal training, there is greater need to regularly remind participants of the other support tools available. The overt message is access and availability; the subtext is to use these tools. Use this communication with Move Remind employees and supervisors about job aids (links) and supplemental training options.

The communiqué should remind stakeholders of the availability of support in all forms including coaching, training, and job aids. Coaching availability is the focus of the communication but is contextualized with the other, known supports as well.

The primary target audience is the impacted stakeholder. Others are copied so impacted employees are again provided with coach names and—if supervisors are included—infer heightened visibility/importance to acting. The version for line managers and coaches should provide the information needed for them to direct employees to this support.


As you know, <<project>> is now live and we're all on our way to locking in the improvements. When we do that, <<organization>> and we, individually, will begin to see the benefits.

To help everyone that's impacted make and lock-in those changes, <<project>> has recruited and prepared some of your peers and supervisors to be available and provide personal coaching support. They are a continually available resource that can quickly clarify confusion or ambiguity, recall processes and protocols, or direct you to the correct <<templates/guides/tools>>. A list of coaches and teams they primarily support is attached/linked. Please do not hesitate to reach out to anybody on that list.

<<list or link>>

Also, if you are good but would like something for reference or a refresher on information and training provided earlier, we're happy to direct you to the following supplemental training and job aids.

<<list with links>>

The entire project team thanks you for your support and are available if you need us.


Change manager


Impacted stakeholders


Line Management (supervisors)