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Prepare for performance reporting

Objective / Output

An instruction set that identifies data, the arithmetic to change them to information, templates into which the metrics are fit, and a list of recipients will be ready to use at the first reporting cycle.

Moves and Communications comprising the "Prepare for performance reporting" play


Performance reporting, even if enabled practically, requires many preparations before it can be executed and reports issued. This includes determining and describing what information will be exposed, ensuring practical access to data, creating and ensuring proper data transformations, and identifying recipients with a means to contact them. The work of taking performance measurement from being enabled to ready-to-send is the essence of this Play.

This activity is about identifying and registering specific individuals and/or roles that will benefit from, are able to use, or need to know the state of adoption (change management efficacy) and solution performance metrics.

This activity is a review and "go" point for finalizing the capabilities to execute on performance metrics. It applies to the change management (adoption) metrics and may also apply to the underlying solution metrics as well.

Whether the requirement is ground-up development or application of an existing format, this activity is to finalize the look, feel, and expected content of performance report(s) and corresponding analytics—if any—to be distributed.

This activity is to now determine and provide the starting point and goals for performance measurement.

Confirm contact information for full roster of identified and acquired impacted individuals.

Encourage individual change because the change is in place and performance is being measured.

Thrust (s)


"Develop" step of the Change Management stages and steps methodology graphic

Expected Duration

3-4 weeks in the best of circumstances. The tasks are not onerous but subject to extensive, subjective design to determine information, set baseline and target metrics and presentation look/feel.