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Assess change readiness

Objective / Output

Each iteration of the Assessment provides a point in time state of the readiness for change, which is a good proxy for the probability of success. The second iteration (prelaunch) can serve as a trigger element for project "go/no go."

Moves and Communications comprising the "Assess change readiness" play


Assessing readiness is fundamental for any leader of any operation. Change management is an operation that engages and expects to change targeted individuals and environment. So change readiness relates to both the team delivering the change and—more importantly—those expected to change. The work to baseline and then revisit the state of change readiness (prelaunch) is the essence of this Play.

This activity—echoed just prior to launch—makes a general assessment of whether the project, the organization, the people, and the change management team are prepared and ready to get into the coming change.

This activity is to confirm that the project, the organization, the people, and the change management team are all ready for the fast-approaching change. This reassessment is done both as a point-in-time status as well as a comparison to the baseline to indicate and track progress.

Explanatory note for Change Readiness Assessment survey.

Explanatory note for second Change Readiness Assessment survey.

Thrust (s)


"Train" step of the Change Management stages and steps methodology graphic

Expected Duration

3-4 days work effort each for a total expected duration of 1-2 weeks for each report.