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Unlock Success: Simple Mindset Shift

A simple mindset shift can unlock success

From Tasks to Triumphs, Cultivating an Achievement-Oriented Culture “We did <something>” v. “We got <something> done.”      Sure, it’s semantic. And sometimes not even meant to mislead. But, that slight word realignment is a key to achievement and effectiveness. Observing…

Crush Change Like a Boss

Structure-Conduct-Performance paradigm is an excellent way to lead through change

The Structure-Conduct-Performance Paradigm Unleashed! There is a framework dating back to early in the last century generally known as the Structure-Conduct-Performance paradigm to guide assessment and analysis of industrial economics. The key assumption is that player (company) performance is determined…

Leading Change to Reality from Fiction

The road from fiction to reality can be treacherous.

All significant change—let alone innovation, invention, or discovery—begins mostly as fiction. Calling it desire, intent, hope, or what-have-you doesn’t change the fact that it is presently not real. Change ends as non-fiction: a new reality that incorporates the change. The…


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