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Employees (general)

The employee is just that: anybody—rank and file through to executive—employed by the organization to perform work within its operations. Here, the word is usually applied to a mass of personnel not directly impacted by the underlying project, because those…

Impacted stakeholder administrators

To simplify communication and interaction with stakeholder areas for administrative tasks such as identifying employees, gathering communication coordinates, and scheduling, it can be beneficial to interact with a point person that can give those tasks the time and breadth of…

Impacted individuals

Impacted individuals are those people that will be directly affected in some way by the underlying project’s outcome. Typically, these people will be required to behave differently in their day-to-day activities and approach to fulfilling their role. Sometimes not merely…

Organizational Change Management

Change Managers and change management in general is typically centralized and run through one department, sometimes called Organizational Change Management (OCM), just the same as Corporate Communications and Learning & Development. These are all support (staff) organizations. Whatever name is…


Everyone knows the Marketing department. But isn’t it for helping sell the businesses goods and services or promoting the agency’s work? That is, isn’t it external facing? Yes and yes. Still, the marketing department is where you will find the…

Performance Measurement

Some organizations have gone all in—or have been all in—on “managing by the numbers.” There is truth to the saying that you can’t really improve something if you can’t/don’t/won’t measure it. For those organizations that have made the move to…


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