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Performance Measurement

Some organizations have gone all in—or have been all in—on “managing by the numbers.” There is truth to the saying that you can’t really improve something if you can’t/don’t/won’t measure it. For those organizations that have made the move to this approach, there will be a department whose function is to create, manage, and report on performance using objective measurements from operations. Typically the CFO will be the most senior executive. (Probably because numbers are involved.) Other times the department is situated in the Strategy organization.

As noted in the relevant Moves and the Performance Measurement description, performance management for change management itself is relatively simple. It typically only lasts a short while beyond the life of the project and the data is straightforward. The performance measurement that will make the value of the underlying project’s change transparent could be more complex. It will definitely be an ongoing, operational activity. Particularly for the second, but for both it is a good idea to get assistance from the professionals.


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