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Organizational Change Management

Change Managers and change management in general is typically centralized and run through one department, sometimes called Organizational Change Management (OCM), just the same as Corporate Communications and Learning & Development. These are all support (staff) organizations. Whatever name is assigned to the team, it has many of the same characteristics as Corporate Communications and Learning & Development: limited power and too much work. OCM is important to The Playbook because (a) OCM defines change management methods for the organization, (b) change managers tend to be assigned from this department, and (c) The Playbook is—ideally—a great tool for the OCM department.

The department is referred to and included in a few Moves, particularly near the end of the change cycle, because it, too, needs to manage by the numbers and evolve its abilities and techniques. Therefore, senior management leaders of OCM are referred to and included as occasional participants.


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