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Communication Archive Template


The Change Playbook is a guide to implementing organizational changes and change communication is fundamental to that goal. A Communication in The Change Playbook is any discrete projection of a project’s message to an audience. What matters is that it is prepared and programmed to communicate changes that achieve the project’s change goal.

Change Communication

What follows is The Change Playbook’s complete list of communication support for Moves and Plays. Using these guides as a baseline (at least) will ensure improved communication in the workplace—at least for change projects.

Playbook Communications

Outreach to find individuals among impacted stakeholders and roles.

Official, organization-level announcement that change is immenent.

Explanatory note for second Change Readiness Assessment survey.

Make line management, especially supervisors, for impacted employees aware and ready to provide their support.

Encourage individual change because the change is in place and performance is being measured.

Simple announcement that launch is delayed.

Oficial announcement that change is happening now.

Remind impacted people to follow through on change, offering availability of (supplemental) training and job aids support.

Advise impacted people about proactive coaching sessions (if employed).

Ensure sponsors are fully aware and current, and prepare them to fulfill their project support activity.

Provided identified coaches with detail about the expectations of them and of how they will be prepared and what they will be trained to do.

Alert and instruct impacted people how to register for and take the offered training.

Initiate project/change awareness for all stakeholders at a high, general, values and benefits level.

Confirm contact information for full roster of identified and acquired impacted individuals.

Coach identification and recruitment.

Explanatory note for Change Readiness Assessment survey.

Recruitment note to secure training testers.

Advisory to coaching group regarding coach the coach sessions.

Continue the flow of information to expand awareness of (and desire for) the change providing additional general information about the nature and impacts of the deployment.

Continue the flow of information to deepen awareness of and desire for the change with specific detail about deployment impacts.

A draft example of what the project wants the sponsor to communicate.

Invite, provide details, and set the tone/expectations for a post mortem session.

Marketing of the success story.

Formal notice of hand-over to operational authorities (for performance measurement).

Advisory to stakeholders that the project was successful and valuable to reinforce behaviour and cultural change.

Advisory to drive people to "view" the testimonial.

Advise report recipients that they will soon receive performance reports, and what they should do with the information.

Provide a statement of what is to be done and expected of a recruited "testifier."

Broad reminder to impacted stakeholders of supports available, including coaching, job aids, and (supplemental) training.

Request to gather coaches to identify what's woring and what's not.

An example of a request for specific help from the project manager to the project sponsor.


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