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When shifting to Train, we presume the majority of development both of the underlying solution and change management support is, if not complete then absolutely solid and nearing completion. This step includes all activity to finalize and make all change management (and solution) elements deployment-ready. But, as the name suggests, now is when the change management program genuinely begins to apply its change support elements directly on those impacted.

Training to the ADKAR™ model

Moves to this point embodied activity and communications with impacted employees geared toward the Attention, Desire, and even Knowledge aspects of ADKAR. We now shift downstream to Knowledge and, moreso, Ability. Positively, this step will be most recognizable to most people as actual change support. The outputs are obvious and directly affect people’s ability to adopt needed changes. Impacted people are being readied to understand and perform their work differently. It is a critical step. But in this Playbook, it is an inevitable and essential step that is most valuable and effective if preceding Moves, Communications, and Plays have been executed to make the environment accepting of the coming change.

Train trainers and coaches

For planning purposes, one thing many overlook due to a natural inclination to focus on those who have to change, is that trainers need training too. They may have to change as well. Even if not, if they are supporting training for knowledge and skills, it would be wise to put effort and energy toward supporting them so they perform training exactly as you need.
Most Moves in this step are learning specific. They are geared toward getting training done and to getting other supports such as coaches and job aids ready. There are also Moves in this step included as much because of the timing as the relation to better training.

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