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The name Perform has two meanings. The more likely and obvious impression is this being the time to start realizing the benefits of the change. That may happen this soon. But the second meaning gives this step its name. We encourage better performance, measuring that performance, both to the underlying change’s value (operational) and to the efficacy of the change management program itself (adoption).

Focused improvement

The number of Moves and Communications are smaller than preceding steps. That is not to suggest that there is less or less important work. To the contrary, the weight of effort on these relatively few activities is high but focused. There is only one prime objective: Solidify and improve the efficiency of the new behaviour(s). Those improvements must be revealed through the planned measurement.

Perform is also when social proof is mobilized to support a normalizing of behaviours. Specifically, we use peer champions to tell their stories so others may emulate them.

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