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To properly prepare, two related but distinct sets of activities ought to take place. The first is often overlooked or given too little attention, while the second one is attended to more diligently but usually as a necessary evil. The first step is orienting the change management activities to the project specifically and within the larger context generally. The second is planning.

Prepare to change

In addition to everything about successful change happening at the level of the individual, a fundamental premises of this Playbook is that successful change is infinitely more probable with proper and full preparation.

Change Analysis

The Moves and Plays of this stage are few but significant. The four general areas of information and context to elicit are fairly standard:

1. What is the project and the change?
2. Who will have to change?
3. What succeeded (or failed) previously in this environment?
4. How will the solution be measured and what goals will focus everyone?

Not to dwell on it, but the tighter the detail is focused on the individual, the better. Generalities and experience from elsewhere are better than nothing; but successful change demands getting into the weeds and mud because it is crucially important that the peculiarities of this situation come out. It should be self-evident why, but in case it’s not, if you don’t call out things as they really are, your plans will address something else.

Planning for change

Planning is typically more familiar and probably comfortable. A plan can stand on its own; that is, it can be created absent of contextual information. But it is better if the preliminary, preparatory work is done. In which case the plan is dependent on the research and preparation. Creation of a plan will document the thinking and create a high-level action map.

This stage generally ends in transition to development against the plan(s).

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