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Turn over

Turn over is about bringing the project and, more specifically, the change management activities to an end.

Closing and delivering

Presumably, some months have passed since the official launch day so there has been plenty of time to get the required behaviour changes made and locked in. There’s been time to apply reinforcements and, even if reinforcement is still required, the time has come to bring change to a close under the project.

Finalize and hand over

The operational control for ongoing reinforcement and refinement goes to the appropriate operational authority.

Promote and take some credit

Before closing the project and turning it over, a promotion of its success should be done. This will not only put a nice bow on the project (and the change management), it will be strategically valuable to the organization. A testimonial is one person’s story, but a success story says, We can (all) do it, We can change, and so forth. It’s organization self-talk directed to the culture overall.

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