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Learning & Development

For change management, like Corporate Communications, Learning & Development is the repository of all things training in the organization. For The Playbook, “Learning & Development” is the name given to the department, but there are many, many variations even including “Training.”

L&D tends to be part of or at least associated with Human Resources as it is the human developmental side of the department. (Think: Who does employee onboarding, which is a form of training?) Again, like Communications, they may be understaffed and prefer to involve themselves only as advisors. Do not accept this. If the change your project is bringing on is at all material or, more especially, rubs up against the organization’s culture, insist on professional help. This is no place to assume a presentation with two dozen excruciatingly detailed PowerPoint slides will be adequate.

The L&D team will, at the very least, be able to find and assign a competent, known training professional to the project. (You will undoubtedly have to put it in your budget with hard dollars, but it will be worth it.)


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