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Change manager

The change manager is typically a member of the project team assigned by Organizational Change Management. In most situations this person is to ensure activities are undertaken and performed to implement “change management.” Often, these activities are communication and training plus some extended work to account for various (readiness) assessments. If the organization is prepared for it, the change manager will also tend to have some role in performance measurement, at least for the project.

Do not confuse the change manager with a “change leader.” The latter is a driving force to ensure the changes being proposed by the project are actually implemented and properly embraced for positive development of the organization. The former, positioned as (s)he is within a project, may be able to recommend and go on about those changes but is much more of an implementer of a process… for change management. The change leader is or should be the same person as the project leader—again, not to be confused with the project manager.


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