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Update/expansion on launch/release

This communication continues the flow of information to relevant, impacted employees. Outreach tempo is accelerating. 5 – 10 touches on every impacted individual, depending on station (sponsor v line management v coach v impacted employee), is a reasonable intensity.

The purpose is to deepen the awareness of and, particularly, desire for the change. The message repeats and adds new detail about project deployment/impacts. Customize the communication by stakeholder to zero-in on select or specific behaviour changes and expectations, and on the benefits to come from those changes.


Our goal is to keep everyone informed—especially those who are impacted—with relevant updates. Recall that <<project>> goal and benefit to the organization and to those whose work will evolve is <<insert organization and then individual specific benefits; make the case for "why">>. We have some new details to share.

<<Insert new project impact details like timing, expectations for nature of impact on roles, time to prepare, expected supports, etc. These are all "costs" to the reader. The goal is to frame them so that when compared to the previous benefits, there is an obvious and material net positive.>>

It's likely the next communication from us will be to initiate individual preparations for the change.


Project manager


Impacted stakeholders