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Training test-group recruitment note

Training needs to be tested (Move Select test group for training) and to do so testers are needed. To secure these testers, a recruitment solicitation is needed. As usual, even if the entire activity is handled verbally, the example contains the basis of speaking notes or a script.


Training is key to making sure <<project>> is a success—that impacted stakeholders, like yourself, are able to and do effectively adopt the change. We've developed that. But we need some discriminating stakeholders to try the training early and help us maximize its effectiveness for everyone.

You have been recommended to the team as just such a representative of <<stakeholder group>>. We would be thrilled if you would participate.

It's easy and mostly non-invasive.

  1. Take the training during the test period instead of later when everyone else does.
  2. During the training, maintain a critic's mind to identify where the content and delivery could be more effective.
  3. Participate in a brief feedback session with the team to elaborate on areas for improvement.

That's it.

Again, we would be thrilled if you would join. I'll follow up shortly to confirm.


Change manager


Identified, representative impacted stakeholders