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Target individuals

The Move Target specific individuals and acquire contact information requires outreach to find individuals among impacted stakeholders and roles because effectiveness means reaching people, not jobs. Presuming the classes of stakeholder and role are known, identifying associated people comes down to getting those able to make those connections to do so. The nuclear option is HR. The more appropriate, albeit labourious, path leads to individual stakeholder teams themselves as an email either to the team admin via the responsible manager/executive to ask for their help. (If a project team member is representing that stakeholder, (s)he is the one to secure the list.)


As you are undoubtedly aware <<addressee's team>> is an impacted stakeholder that will be affected by <<project>>. This means some people will likely have to adjust their work behaviour in some way where <<project>> applies changes. We need your help to specifically identify all individuals within <<stakeholder team>> that will be impacted.

To maximize the likelihood of success, <<project>> will be communicating with, training, and providing other transition supports. For it to be effective, we need names and contact information for each person performing jobs/roles listed. Specifically, the following jobs/roles in <<stakeholder team>> will be impacted:


We would like to contact these people ASAP. Please provide your roster by <<date>>. An Excel worksheet with headers for the information needed is attached.

Thank you in advance.


Project manager

Change manager


Impacted stakeholder admins (via line manager)

Alt: Human Resources