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Remind stakeholders about change goals and performance measure target(s)

Impacted stakeholders (and others) have been well-informed that performance measures will be applied and affect participants. Because that message has not been the focus of previous communication, it may now be important to do so. The message is that the change is in place and performance will be measured. It should encourage necessary individual changes and describe how resolving the underlying “gap” will be to everyone’s benefit. The communication supports Move Acquire and confirm recipients list for performance reports.

The goal is to recalibrate and condition impacted stakeholders toward (KPI) performance measurement. Either the organization is already performance-based even to some extent or the change management plan has had education about it already.

As noted before, two discrete performance measures are in play. Of primary concern is measurement of change adoption. Secondary to change management—but crucial to the underlying project—is operational performance of the new system/process/structures. This communiqué may also remind people about the nature of ongoing solution performance measurement.

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Optimally, Project sponsor and/or senior executive of impacted recipient stakeholders


Impacted stakeholders

cc. Sponsor and line executives


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