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Remind sponsors of release expectations with a specific call to action

Presumably sponsors+ are well aware of the project deployment schedule and status. This communiqué is to ensure sponsors awareness is fully current, particularly as it affects their teams, and prepare them for any other support the project needs. These asks of sponsors will typically be in the form of their voicing support in some way.


+  For simplicity, we refer to all influential (senior) executives either accountable for the project or responsible for stakeholder implementation/adoption as sponsors.


In case you have not seen updates provided to impacted personnel, <<insert a very brief status relevant to the ask that follows>>.

Your clear and strong support has been and remains critical to <<project>>'s success, which will ultimately be measured by adoption and ongoing adherence to the changes by those impacted.

Right now, at this critical point, we are asking you to make a concerted effort to ensure that you and your line organization down to the impacted team supervisors communicate the importance of <<project>> and adopting the changes to those who will need to adjust. While we are taking every measure to educate and support impacted personnel, we recognized that persistent and consistent encouragement from all sources of influence—especially supervisors and more senior managers—is essential.

Specifically, <<insert any recommendations or key ask including specific language to use>>.

We have prepared and provide the attached/linked messaging/talking points to assist you. Please let us know if we can provide any further support, such as crafting email content, PowerPoints, and so forth.


Project manager


Sponsor executive

Line Management for impacted stakeholders