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Remind line management (especially supervisors) of support expectations

This communiqué is to ensure line management, especially supervisors, for impacted employees is aware of deployment activity affecting their area(s) and are prepared to provide support and encouragement as needed and specified. If any of the preceding Moves to prepare the organization have been implemented, everyone should be at least aware. (Optimally, the earlier sponsor request was made and acted upon…) Still, it is possible some critical supporters may not be up-to-speed with the project.

The purpose of this communication is to:

  1. bring the project to front of mind for these essential voices of support;
  2. provide key positioning and messaging (“positioning” being the opinion/perspective the manager is to represent; “messaging” is language and ideas to communicate); and
  3. reiterate the critical role they play in changing behaviour of impacted people reporting to and otherwise looking to them for guidance.

Note that many of the targeted people will be coaches and should be aware of the project change and their role(s) in implementing it.


<<Project, name and/or description>>, which will directly affect your team, will be live <<in X weeks OR on X date>>. Impacted personnel will be required to change how they <<insert behaviour change here>>. The project needs your help and support now, for the next <<#>> weeks especially.

Specifically, the organization is relying on all levels of impacted management to model and encourage the new behaviours <<specify "processes", "tool use", etc. if clarity is needed>> for all impacted personnel.

For your convenience, if you haven't been part of the coaching program, we are attaching an overview of <<project>> changes, impacts, and messaging to help those impacted.

We are counting on you to help us secure the changes needed from your team(s) by the means that you find the most effective for you. All-hands or team meetings, communiqués, messaging as you walk about... No opportunity is too small. We will be successful only if we are consistent, regular, and repetitive.

Feel free to call <<contact>> for any information or support—including prepared materials—that would assist you.


Project manager


Line Management for impacted stakeholders, especially supervisors