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Remind employees and supervisors about job aids (links) and supplemental training options

As per previous notes, the project needs to remind impacted people to follow through on the change. Reminders—sent once or more—will (re)advise employees about the availability of (supplemental) training and job aids to support their change. The tone is instruction/encouragement to change. It supports Move Remind employees and supervisors about job aids (links) and supplemental training options.

It is easy to get concerned that these repetitions will become an annoying turn-off, which is possible. But that outcome rests in the tone. Remain helpful and encouraging; refrain from being invasive or demanding. Something close to one of these ends of the response spectrum will happen:

  1. Those who want to help and implement the new behaviour but may be preoccupied by other work, have not needed to apply the change, have forgotten how, etc. will use the message as a trigger. If they need support, the communication directs them to that.
  2. Those who are quietly opposed to changing their behaviour may either ignore the communication or become hostile toward it. In either case, the resistance had to be surfaced to be (individually) addressed with a pre-planned resistance response.

Those who have made the change will ignore the situation, having moved on to other pressing matters.


The adoption of <<change>> is going well <<if not, this note should probably be much more pointed>>. We thought you'd like to know that our efforts are showing results.

Whether you've had the chance to apply the new <<process, etc.>> or not, we all need to focus on the change and performing it until it's second nature. For anybody who feels they might need a refresher or a reference to the expected behaviour <<process, etc.>>, we're happy to provide links to various supports.

<<links to job aids and self-run training material>>

Also remember there are coaches available to talk through the practicalities of adopting the change. Find the coach(es) for your team in this list and feel free to reach out: <<link to list of coaches>>.

Keep up the great work!


Project manager

Change manager


Impacted personnel and supervisors