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Provide coach the coach material

If impacted people are to be coached through the transition, those coaches need to be prepared. This communication supports the Move Provide coach the coach material to coaches.

Notification is to provide identified coaches and line managers with (a) detail about the expectations of them and (b) specifics of how they will be prepared and what they will be trained to do.

The number of coaches, being much smaller than the number of impacted personnel, ought to make scheduling coach training or information sessions easier. At a minimum, schedule the session. Better would be to expose some or all of the following elements:

  1. What is expected of the coach?
  2. Who is to be coached?
  3. What, specifically, is being observed and adjusted: process, document/template use, language, etc.?
  4. What is the general approach being used for coaching?
  5. How long will coaching be (aggressively) in place?
  6. What support material is to be provided?
  7. When and what kind of coach training is forthcoming?


Thanks again for helping <<project>> and your teammates by being a coach. Research suggests we are much more likely to succeed with this support technique available.*

Following our last contact, you should be aware of and have booked the coach training session. If you have not done so, please do so at this link: <<link>>.

We've attached [linked?] the coach the coach session material, which will be usable afterward in your actual coaching sessions. You do not need to preview it; it will be covered during the session. Please do have it for the session to make notes and personal adjustments as necessary.

See you soon.


* I'm sure it's true but I don't have statistics.


Project manager

Change manager


Recruited coaches

cc. to Line Management for impacted stakeholders/coaches