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Launch day reminder customized by audience

This is the official, organization-level announcement that change is imminent with reminders of why, how, and who is depending on success. It may or may not provide specifics. Optimally the text clearly describes what the audience can expect, what it is likely to experience (especially impacted employees), and what they are expected to do—when. This email message should be penned by the main sponsor or jointly with the executives/sponsors of affected areas.


Next week, on <<day>>, <<project>> will launch. After <<#>> months of hard work and preparation on everyone's part, it will be real. Thank you to the project team, all the supporters, and especially to everyone who has prepared to change how he or she works. It could not happen without each and every one of you.

The project team has and will provide all the detail. For my part, let me outline what will happen now.

  • On <<day>>, <<describe change>> will go into effect, meaning that the new <<name changes generally: processes, tool, etc.>> will replace today's approach.
  • Anyone working within the change impact zone will shift to the new methods.
  • Data capture for performance measurement will go into effect and reports will be produced to give <<organization>> senior leaders an understanding of how well it's all working. Adoption measuring will begin to track how effectively we as an organization are responding. The project team will report periodically to <<authority/"committee">>.

My colleagues and I at <<authority/"committee">> are confident in you and <<organization>>'s ability to succeed.

Thank you all again.


Project sponsor


Impacted stakeholders

Line management for impacted stakeholders