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"It's live!!" (launch day) notice

This is the official announcement that change is happening—now. There should be a decidedly before and after sense to the message and the tone can be substantially congratulatory and encouraging: “You got this…”. Links to all training, coaching, job aids, and other supports for line management, coaches, employees, etc. should be provided—again. For optimal impact, customize the note (even a little) by stakeholder group (e.g., specific teams, coaches separately, etc.). The message to coaches should remind them that their expected action will be operative.

Thank everyone for their diligent preparation and encourage follow through to make for an excellent transformation experience… because the change has not happened yet. Basically, remind everyone—again—of specific expectations and the supports available through the transition period.


Today's the day!

After <<insert time>>, <<project>>  is finally live.

First, a word of thanks from the entire project team—top to bottom—to everyone who helped, supported, contributed, or just willingly agreed to create, make, and implement the changes that are effective today. We could not succeed without you.

On the subject of succeeding, please stay with us and follow through. Success comes only once we're in a steady—changed—state. We've all come a long way and need to finish the job. To help, we'll continue to provide periodic reminders and links to support for the next while. Please feel free to call on me or any of the team at any time.

Again, thank you to each and every one of you.


Project manager

Change manager


Impacted personnel


Sponsors and line executives