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General information communiqué to all audiences

This communication continues the flow of information to relevant, impacted employees. A key purpose is to expand on awareness and desire aspects of the change. Another, more direct purpose is to detail the specific nature and impacts of the deployment as it will affect individuals/roles. The communication may be customized by stakeholder group and other audiences as appropriate. For impacted employees, give as many pertinent details as available, including launch day, training type and time, other support and expectations, etc.


As you may have heard, recently <<project> was given the go-ahead by <<executive authority>>. <<Insert reason, goal, rationale, value, strategic purpose, etc. behind the project>>

The project team has been developing the plans to move forward and our current expectation is <<insert high-level schedule information pertaining to impacts on the organization; include any ongoing analysis and consultation>>. We've targeted the change for <<day, month, quarter>>. It is a rough target only and will become more precise soon.

Some people will be impacted more than others because the changes will require adjustments to the way work gets done. We believe people on the following teams will feel some of the impact, which could be fairly trivial.

<<list impacted stakeholder teams or roles>>

We are eager to make this improvement and will get more information to you as soon as it develops.


Project manager


Impacted stakeholders

Line Management for impacted stakeholders, from supervisor to executive