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First announcement to all audiences

With this, the project’s formal communication program begins. The goal is to initiate the awareness campaign for the project/change by communicating with all stakeholders at a high, general, values and benefits level. It is to start conditioning these audiences to the information flow and to develop inertia to sustain movement through the balance of ADKAR.+ A focus on change generally (i.e., reasons for, benefits of) and the broad nature of individual impacts is typically sufficient. A general sense of project timing may also be appropriate. Having the most senior, direct sponsor send it sets the level of authority and importance behind the change project.


+  Reminder: Prosci’s ADKAR stands for Attention, Desire, Knowledge, Ability, Reinforcement.

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Project sponsor


Sponsor Executive

Line Management for impacted stakeholders, including sponsors

All potentially impacted stakeholders

Other, operationally interested parties


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