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Cover for Change Readiness Assessment (prelaunch)

Per the Move Do Change Readiness Assessment (prelaunch), a second change readiness assessment survey is issued to the same people that completed the baseline version. The cover note can refer to and generally cribs from the first one. If you opt to send different versions to impacted stakeholders and to team “insiders” (an idea not without merit), adjust the sample below toward more inside awareness for the second version.


We are very close to <<project>> launching so it's time to do a final check of our change readiness.

I trust you recall the survey you completed to help set the baseline. Since then, I hope we have provided sufficient information and education to improve your perspective. Like last time, we need you to take the few minutes needed to redo the assessment. It is exactly the same as before. We're interested to see if—and how—overall response has change.

The 10-minute survey is, again, voluntary and completely anonymous.

The survey can be accessed at this URL: <<link>>.

Thank you.


Change manager or Project manager


Those asked to complete the baseline assessment