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Cover for Change Readiness Assessment (baseline)

Per the Move Do Change Readiness Assessment (baseline), the change readiness assessment is a critical element in proper change management and project success. It is basically a poll and the people to be surveyed need to be told that. This note should be briefly explanatory. If you choose to send different versions of the assessment to impacted stakeholders and to team “insiders” (an idea not without merit), adjust the sample with more inside knowledge for the second version.


As you're undoubtedly aware, <<project and anything that fortifies the importance to the organization, like the executive committee sanctioning it>> will be bringing some changes to your role. To be successful, <<organization>> needs to be prepared and ready to make these shifts.

For the project team to understand our readiness for the change, we're conducting a survey twice: once now and once again just before launch. It's designed to help us understand how ready we are and where we might best focus attention to augment our collective preparations.
The survey is voluntary and completely anonymous. It does not require preparation and should take no more than 10-minutes to complete. (And that's only if you choose to write in explanations for your rating choices.)

Please take the few minutes needed to provide a candid response. The survey is at this URL: <<link>> <<Add any further specifics about how to complete the survey>>

We all want to succeed and your feedback may be more important to that than you think.

Thank you.


Change manager or Project manager


Impacted personnel
Project team
Others as desired (e.g., sponsors, line management