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Confirm targeted individuals and communications path

For the Move Confirm targeted individual contact information and communications path, there are two ways to confirm you have identified and acquired the contact information for the full roster of impacted individuals.

  1. Ask the leader of each team that previously provided a list to confirm it… in your file/format.
  2. Contact the people on your list.

The first option needs only a single paragraph to cover the list you attach: “We have captured and transcribed the register of impacted personnel from <<stakeholder team>>. Please confirm we have everyone and the data is correct.”

The second ensures that the contact information is accurate. Its “cost” is that it may become your first direct communication with impacted people. If you opt to go this way, maybe incorporate explanatory elements of the first announcement to all audiences (previous). The example is just the contact confirmation message and assumes other explanatory context will be added as required.

The communication can also be modified to serve the Move Acquire and confirm recipients list for performance reports


<<Insert context-setting text, e.g., explaining project, etc.>>

Your line management/HR identified you as an individual who will be affected by change resulting from <<project>>  because of your position/role. The impacted roles in <<stakeholder group>> are:


In your role, we have identified you and your colleagues:

<<list all impacted people>>

More information will come soon. For now, please respond to us ONLY for corrections such as:

  1. You should not be listed among those impacted.
  2. A colleague who should be on the list is absent.

Otherwise, we will assume this is correct and talk to you again soon.

Thank you for your time.


Project manager and/or Change manager


Impacted stakeholder organization admins (via line manager)
Alt: Targeted individuals