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Coach engagement (initial and/or coach the coach scheduling)

Individual coaches will have been communicated with, directly and personally. Per the Move Engage coaches (initial and/or coach the coach scheduling), this communication with the group will serve two goals. First, to maintain the connection and established momentum. Second, to advise and provide the coaches with information about coach the coach session(s).

It should be obvious, in the example provided, which parts relate to what message. Any part that doesn’t apply—say coach the coach is being held later and will be a subsequent communication—can be de-emphasized, removed, or changed as your facts on the ground demand.


First and foremost, thanks again for helping <<project>> and your teammates by being a change coach. This note's primary purpose is to start the process of preparing you for that task.

There are two distinct, tightly related learning paths.

  1. To make you proficient with <<project>>'s change impacts, we need to show you exactly what those impacts are and how <<project>> resolves them for your colleagues. We do this through enhanced training: what everyone else will get along with elaboration—teacher's notes, if you will.
  2. To make you comfortable with seeing and even creating coaching opportunities, and then resolving them, we build on the enhanced training with coach the coach material.

<<Provide duration, date, time, etc. details as you have them>>

Use the link below to schedule yourself for a small-group session from those available. To get your choice before they fill up, we suggest selecting early.

See you there. Thanks again.


Change manager