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Book/schedule training cover note

At some point, all impacted stakeholders will need to register for and take the offered training (Move Schedule training). Usually, an email is sent to alert and instruct the people. It may need to be sent multiple times, depending on how granularly trainee groups are refined and how well trainee invitees respond. This communication can also be modified to support the Move Test coaching material and remedy.


<<Project>>'s launch day is getting very close now. The organizational expectation, of course, is that everyone will effectively make the changes planned for that day.

As we described before <<reference link>>, the <<project>> team has developed training to help everyone affected understand exactly what has to change and how to do it. The training is available <<insert specifics>>.

Please use the following link to register and select a convenient time.

If there are any issues with scheduling, please feel free to contact us at <<email>>.


Project manager

Change manager


Impacted stakeholders