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Book/schedule (proactive) coaching note

In the event that your strategy employs proactive (i.e., scheduled) coaching, impacted personnel need to be told about it and scheduled. There are many ways to do this from centrally scheduling (like training) through to putting coaches and mentees together via email and letting them sort it out on their own. The communication supports Move Book (proactive) coaching note.


This sample assumes decentralized scheduling for coaching. If central control is preferred, adjust the earlier training scheduling note for coaching.

Sometimes a hint or explanation from a friend is worth hours of lectures. Some people are fine but wouldn't mind a check-in from somebody more experienced. <<Project>> has anticipated this and arranged for some impacted people to be trained in advance to an expert level.

This note is to tell you that you have been assigned <<coach name>> as a coach resource. <<Name>> is cc'd and will reach out to check in with you soon. If you need more immediate advice or assistance, please feel free to reach out to <<him/her>>.

Thanks for your help making this change with us.


Project manager


Impacted stakeholders