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Change Management should be “manageable”

What we’ve found in our travels through clients’ change management efforts is that there are still a lot of organizations that—despite training—find change management hard to deal with. There is no really good reason for this, and a part of the goal for The Change Playbook is to remedy that situation.

Typically, we see change management referred to in one or more of several primary forms:

  1. Change management is a list of actions somebody called the change manager has to perform under the glare of the project manager’s eye.
  2. Change management is said but “training” or “communications” is meant—because it sounds so much more sophisticated to call it “change management”.
  3. Change management is the otherwise indescribable “X factor” to blame when a project does not realize its promised benefits.

In every such instance, there is a lot of action and activity but very little new progress toward success for the project. That’s not good. Especially since the whole rationale for change management is to enhance project success, usually by way of better realizing benefits that come from people changing their behaviour in response to the project.

We don’t really want The Change Playbook to become a recipe book, but we do believe that until change managers, and more especially change leaders, are comfortable with and intuit change management itself, recipes are needed as guardrails.

What you’ll notice is that the extent of the actions is well beyond strictly training and communications. That’s because change management is well beyond training and communications. In its own way, internally, its really “sales.” That’s our underlying approach. Try it.

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